Home Affordability Calculator

This calculator allows you to customize your payment details when considering purchasing a home. The calculator takes into account various factors to estimate the mortgage you might be able to afford. It provides suggestions and guidance in each field to help you get started. You can calculate affordability based on your annual income, monthly debts, and down payment. Alternatively, you can input your estimated monthly payments and down payment amount.
You can input specific amounts for property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and HOA dues if applicable to your situation.

Gross Annual Income (before tax)
Maximum Housing Expense %
(M1) Max Monthly Payment Based on Income
Monthly Debts

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Current Monthly Debts
Maximum Debt-to-Income Ratio
(M2) Max Monthly Payment Based on DTI
Maximum Monthly Payment (lower of M1,M2)
Monthly Housing Expenses
Property Tax (Monthly)
Home Owners Insurance (Monthly)
PMI (private mortgage insurance)
HOA Fees
Other (Utilities, Repairs, etc.)
(M3) Max PI Payment Based on Expenses hac-dollar
Available Funds
Available Funds
Fixed Closing Costs
Variable Closing Costs (based on price)
Minimum Down Payment
Maximum Home Price Based on Funds
(M4) Max PI Payment Based on Funds
Maximum PI Payment (lower of M3,M4)
Term of Mortgage (years)
Annual Interest Rate
Loan Amount Based on Max PI Payment
Down Payment Based on Available Funds
Total Estimated Closing Costs
Maximum Home Price
% of Home Price Depreciable
Years to Depreciate
Annual Depreciation (straight-line)

You Can Afford A House Up To

/ Month
PI Payment-
Property Tax-

Loan Amount

Down Payment

Est. Closing Costs

Home Affordibility Calculator - By Hayyat Apps

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